Maternity Wing at Solwezi Hospital Destroyed by Rains


Torrential rains have blown the roof off of Solwezi Hospital’s maternity wing – no women were injured but there are concerns over the capacity the hospital now has to look after pregnant women.


28 mothers had been admitted to the maternity wing before the incident but thankfully none were hurt.


Sadly, three of the four incubators at the hospital were damaged, the repair work is expected to cost a great deal.


Expectant mothers are being moved to a different ward in the meantime.


“The rains were too much but the unfortunate part is that we have had three of our four incubators damaged. We also had our oxygen concentrators damaged, but the good news is that we have not lost any lives,” said Dr Gondwe.


And Manjimela said preliminary assessments indicate that about K 1.2 million will be needed to rehabilitate the damaged structure and raise its standards.



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