ZCSA advises Zambians to shun unlabeled mineral water packaged in sachets and bottles

THE Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency has called on consumers to shun buying unlabeled mineral water packaged in sachets and bottles.

ZCSA public relations officer Lee Haamunji said summer would trigger manifestation of several brands of bottled mineral water on the market.

“We are in a transitional period from cold season to hot season and usually during the hot season different brands of bottled mineral water are sold on the market. This is because the demand for water is higher during the hot season as compared to the cold season,” Haamunji stated in a press statement. “Because of this, there is great need that consumers shun buying unlabeled bottled mineral water for the sake of their health. According to the Zambian Standards ZS 033, all products are supposed to be labeled in a language that is familiar to the target clients so that consumers make informed choices before they make a purchase.”

Haamunji added that product labeling was becoming synonymous with consumer protection.

“With more and more products on the market, product labeling is growing in importance daily. Everyday products are multiplying in the market place and consumers are offered a variety of products to choose from and use. Consumers need information on products such as the name, price, contents of the product, and directions for use, storage and warnings of dangers, if any,” stated Haamunji. “The safety of unlabeled bottled mineral water is not assured, as such ZCSA will continue carrying out its inspections to ensure that products such as bottled mineral water are safe for consumption. Consumers have a part to play by ensuring that they protect their health and shun buying products that are not correctly labeled and report any such products if found on the market. The standard for bottled mineral water is ZS388 and it falls within the umbrella of compulsory standards and ZCSA regulates the product.”

Source: The Mast

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