Increased Alcohol Consumption Causing Chaotic Student Behaviour and Unrest


CBU academics have called for changes to alcohol policy, currently students are able to buy alcohol in institutions of higher learning which is leading to worrying behaviour.

Director of Mind Set Education at CBU’s Dag Hammerkjold Institute for Peace and Conflict, Myunggoo Lee, in an interview told ZANIS said world over, only African countries such as Zambia allow the sale of alcohol in institutions of higher learning

It’s not just the students who are having problems with alcohol. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 76 percent of men and 23 percent of women in Zambia consume alcohol. A Zambia Global School Health survey (2004) conducted by WHO on 2,257 pupils between grades one and seven revealed that 43 percent of school- going children in Zambia consume alcohol.

Most recently Government Chief Spokesperson Dora Siliya complained that alcohol consumption amongst women in Zambia is worryingly high. Evidence suggests that 42 percent of Zambian women drink excessively, adding that the high alcohol consumption among women is a serious challenge to government.

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