GMO foods not allowed in Zambia declare National Biosafety Authority


The importation of Genetically Modified Organisms foodstuffs into the country will not be allowed, the National Biosafety Authority (NBA) order as it can harm human and animal life. 

Paul Zambezi, NBA board chairman stated that the authority is mandated by the law to ensure that human and animal life are safeguarded. 

Dr Zambezi corrected that reports by some sections or media that the NBA has allowed the importation of GMO foodstuffs in the country are misleading. He asserted that the authority has only allowed processed foods made from GMOs and genetically modified micro-organisms for diagnostics and health research purposes. 

At a media briefing he stated tha the authority does not promote or prohibit Genetically Modified Organisms but regulates the use and development of GMOs.

Products that are allowed in the country that are genetically modified undergo a series of risk assessment tests. 

The NBA seems to have contradictory policies on the importation of GMO foods, as only last week they granted chain store Choppies Superstores a perit to import products that may contain GMO. 

If the NBA is to protect Zambian citizen’s and animals life it must be consistent with its policies. 

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