Women Being Used for Illegal Wildlife Trade

Reverend Howard Sikwela, Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary has noted his concern that women are increasingly being used as conduits in illegal wildlife trade. Whilst speaking with the the Wildlife Crime Prevention Awareness Manager he urged that the organisation be doing more to sensitise women who are more and more frequently being arrested whilst male poachers roam free.

The Reverend noted that similar to drug trafficking, women fall victim, being used in the marketing and selling of contraband like game meat. He admitted that the government alone cannot stop the problem and made it clear their wish to engage with non-government stakeholders to improve the situation.

WCP reassured the Permanent Secretary that her organisation cherished their support and looked forward to a continued partnership for posterity. She went onto discuss the need for a change in the narrative, an effort to alter ow people look at conservation efforts to ensure everyone benefits from the nature Zambia has to offer.

Many Zambians aren’t aware of the value of wildlife and hence don’t commit to protecting it as much as they should. She noted the importance of reminding Zambians that our nature is our legacy.

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