UNZA Denies Claims They’re Offering Witchcraft Courses


The University of Zambia has denied claims that they are offering a course in Witchcraft. Their public relations manager Damaseke Chibale has reassured audiences that it is a ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ course, funded by UNESCO.

He continued to state that Witchraft is indeed a crime in Zambia and in line with that the University would never approve a degree programme that encouraged it. The material to be covered in the ICH course is yet to be decided or approved by the UNZA senate.

According to UNESCO “intangible cultural heritage” means the practices, representations, expressions, knowledge ,skills – as well as the instruments, objects, artefacts and cultural spaces associated therewith -that communities ,groups and in some cases individuals recognise as part of their cultural heritage.

Mr. Chibale said Zambia as a nation and a people is rich in these tangible cultural heritage which include Gule Wa Mukulu and Makishi Dance.

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