An Interview with Black Rose The Artist

When did you first start drawing?

My answer to this one is as cliche as they come- I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. From those "stick people" we all drew as children to now.


Where did your passion come from?

It's hard to tell where my passion came from. But when I think of it I suppose it's in telling stories. Making up stories with toys, drawing long comics with stick people heroes and villains. Me and my group of friends were always telling stories in one way or another and the best way of letting other people see your story is if you create something visual for them to see what's in your crazy head.


If you could draw anyone in the world who would it be?

If I could draw anyone in the world? Well I can draw anyone in the world (laughs). But if it was a commissioned drawing (hard to pick.. So many people), person who comes to mind now is Elon Musk. Would love to do a commissioned caricature of him at his request.


What is your plan for the future?

My plan for the future is keep drawing, keep creating and keep using my drawings as a voice... to ask the hard questions or just entertain people. I also have a comic project that I have been "working" on for nearly two years now (laughs) but I hope to finish it soon.


What are your three favourite things about Zambia?

Three favourite things about Zambia. Well I'm really proud of the general tolerance and hospitality we have as a country.

I love the culture, not just the culture in the sense of traditional ceremonies and the sort, which are great, but also the African-Zambian- Urban culture... The mini buses, markets, local music, - and so many things that make Zambia Zambia.

I like some of our languages too, some of them really sound poetic when being spoken by the right person.


What are your least favourite things about Zambia?

Least favorite things I like about Zambia? Wow that's an interesting question. I suppose all the little things I don't like can be summed up in "delayed progress". They are so many things I think that shouldn't be a thing anymore but they still are, so many stereotypes that we say about ourselves that are true but shouldn't be. 


What are your Last words?

Well thank you very much for the interview and the opportunity to draw for Open Zambia. Open Zambia is one of my best clients I work for. And thanks to everyone else who has hired me to do a portrait, caricature or album cover for them, and to my beautiful partner in crime and my muse whose always pushing me forward and helping me get better at my drawing.


Above all I just can't thank God enough for the opportunity to make a living (buy food, pay rent etc) with my art! It still shocks me at times.

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