Chinese Company Government Awarded Project to Is Blacklisted By World Bank


The World Bank has blacklisted a Chinese state-owned contractor CEEC-HEPDI, after it was found to be making false claims when bidding for a project in Zambia.


Despite making false claims the contractor was successful in winning a $210m scheme to improve the transmission of electricity in Zambia, which begs the question how careful are the PF when selecting contractors?


The World Bank has accused the company of falsifying documents on its past experience, litigation history and business credentials.


In the same action the World Bank barred a number of subsidiary companies: Hunan Kechuang Power Engineering Technology, Hunan Kexin Electric Power Design and Hunan Zhongtian Engineering Supervision.


As a condition of the settlement, CEEC-HEPDI committed itself to developing an integrity compliance programme consistent with the principles set out in the World Bank Group Integrity Compliance Guidelines.


There is growing concern amongst Zambians that the PF government has been favouring Chinese bidders for development projects throughout its time in government, despite the fact they often have poor track records, and their work is of a lower standard than others but at a higher price.

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