UK Envoy Raises Concerns Over EAZ Statement on The Economy


Fergus Cochrane-Dyet has questioned the Economic Association of Zambia’s latest statements on the economy.


The EAZ President has been releasing statements that suggest the Zambian economy is healthy, and in July they will be hosting a National Economics Summit to explore ideas to grow the economy further.


This is not the first time President Lubinda Haabazoka has pushed a false narrative on the Zambian economy, having often castigated other exports and publications who highlight Zambia’s growing economic woes.


The UK High Commissioner has been quick to point this out however, noting that the recent EAZ statement is of concern, and he urged the Association to be realistic when it comes to the quite severe challenges facing Zambia.


“What do EAZ’s recent statements, e.g. claiming anti-Zambia conspiracy by Bloomberg, say about its credibility and impartiality?”


He added, “Recent Govt announcement on tackling debt is very good news, but Zambian economists must be realistic over the challenge facing Zambia.”


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