ZCTU Predicts More Labour Unrests Due To Delayed Salaries

By Lomphande Muzumi

The Zambia Congress Of Trade Unions –ZCTU- says it anticipates more Labour unrests against delayed salaries until government acts on the current situation.

ZCTU Deputy Secretary General Elaston Njovu has also challenged union leaders to stand up for their members and speak one voice regarding delayed salaries.

Speaking when he opened a workshop on illicit financial flows organised by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Mr Njovu said the time to rise against the trend of delayed salaries in both public and private companies is now.

Meanwhile, Mr Njovu says the current situation regarding illicit financial flows cannot be allowed to continue as Zambia continues to lose US$3 billion annually through this vice.

At the same event, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Programmes Manager Kathy Short challenged ZCTU to fight for social justice and begin discussing the impacts of illicit financial flows in national development.

This article first appeared in the Zambian Observer. To read the original click here: https://www.zambianobserver.com/zctu-predicts-more-labour-unrests-due-to-delayed-salaries/

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