Mutati suggests tax on education

MMD faction President Felix Mutati has proposed the introduction of tax education in African schools in order to increase compliance levels by building a generation of people that understand the importance of paying tax.

Mr. Mutati made the proposal in Nairobi, Kenya during the recently held International Conference on Improving Domestic Revenue Mobilization and Stemming Illicit Financial Flows, where he was guest speaker.

He said tax education will inculcate a responsibility in children at a tender age and keep them aware of tax importance as they grow, creating a future generation that is ready and willing to pay tax as they will know and understand its importance.

Mr. Mutati’s remarks have been echoed by the Head of Economics Department at the Copperbelt University Dr. Maxmillian Mainza who also attended the conference.

Other notables from Zambia were representatives from Action Aid.

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