Civil Society Organisations Say No to GM Crops

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Civil Society Organisations (CSO) under the banner of Zambia Alliance for Agro Ecology and Biodiversity have said they will not accept moves to introduced genetically modified crops in Zambia.


The group have raised serious concerns on the safety and impact GM will have on the agricultural system and socio-economic well-being of farmers in Zambia. In a joint letter to government which was also availed to the media in Lusaka today, the 31 CSOs under ZAAB have rejected in totality the introduction of GMOs in Zambia saying the risks of the GMOs overweighs the benefits.


The National Biosafety Authority has been trying to radically change the national position on genetically engineered crops, undoubtedly due to private industry pressure.


There is a serious risk that farmers and Zambia as a whole will lose out on the investments made over the last few years to promote the nation as GMO free. The introduction of even one GM crop will undermine this work.


Speaking at the same briefing, a small holder farmer Robert Chimambo stated that GMO foods are responsible for many health problems that include cancer and also highly contributes to the water and air pollution hence, the need for all stakeholders to reject the move to introduce them in the country.

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