Chinese Government Hands Over USD$30 Million Grant

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President Lungu is currently in China with President Xi Jinping and visit has proved to be seemingly successful with the Chinese giving Zambia a USD$30 million grant.

State House press aide Amos Chanda says the Chinese President Xi Jinping said his government will also fund the modernisation of Mulungushi International centre in readiness for the African Union heads of state summit in 2022.

President Lungu said his government is vigorously seeking investments that will promote value-addition and job creation.

Speaking when he held meetings with fifteen leaders of multi-national companies in Beijing -China, President Lungu said Zambia wants companies that will add value to mining and agriculture products before exporting them.

Although this seems a positive step for our economy, questions can be raised over relying to heavily on the Chinese when it comes to development loans. Critics argue that often these grants depend upon Chinese workers being used resulting in little improvement to our employment problem in Zambia.


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