Mwanakatwe Criticised for Failing to Address Lack of Fiscal Reform


Director of ZIPAR, Pamela Kabaso has chastised Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe for failing to explain why key fiscal legal reforms have failed to be enacted.


She called for the PF government to recognise that the Budgeting and Planning Bill, review of the Loans and Guarantees Act and the Public Procurement Act are key in managing the country’s debt and fiscal consolidation, so must be taken seriously.


During the same meeting Director Kabaso noted the serious nature of donor aid being withdrawn by the UK, Scandinavia and UNICEF. She noted that this worrying development had the potential to affect every Zambian.  


And ZIPAR Research Fellow Ceaser Cheelo has appealed to donor countries to help Zambians get an explanation on the US$42 million spent on the procurement of fire tenders by government.


Mr. Cheelo says the intervention of the donor community might solicit quicker action from government just like the withdraw of funding from the social cash transfer by aid agencies did.

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