Mutati Warns On Wasted Resources

The Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati has appealed to the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA) to work alongside the Auditor General in promoting ethical standards.

Speaking at the ZICA annual ball this weekend, the minister stated:  “We are not poor because we lack resources. We are poor because the resource is wasted. And we are the custodian or gate keep of that resource. As you leave Livingstone make sure that you lock the gate and the resources are kept and not wasted.”

Commenting on legal and regulated changes such as the new Public Finance Act, the raising of the Accountent General to the level of Permanent Secretary and the introduction of a Statutory Instrument for the regulation of fees, Mutati claimed: “I think these issues can minimise the concerns that are raised in the Auditor General’s report. So, we are giving a choice to the public sector accountants that if in the event that you do not like the operating environment the legislation has put in place don’t stay, make a choice and go and work somewhere else.” 

Open Zambia