Government Pays Local Contractors

PF Minister Dora Siliya has confirmed the release of K200 million from the Treasury to clear debt owed to small-scale contractors.

The update follows a number of reports regarding delays to government payment of contractors, as well as concern regarding the continuity of some projects. After his departure from government Chishimba Kambwili charged that government had failed to pay local contractors for 18 months, to the detriment of local business, the communities they serve and the wider economy. As a result a number of projects have stalled in recent times.

Announcing the payment Siliya stated: Iā€™m happy to report that K200 million which was released by the ministry of finance has been paid out to over a 190 small Zambian contractors and a further 24 sub-contractors, as well as consultants. It is important that Zambian contractors who do their work are actually paid so that we keep the economy commerce going and that the workers in the industry continue to look after their families. I know that some monies are still owed to some other small, medium and big contractors, government is really hoping that we can come to an end of this debt issue.ā€ 

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