PF should take the blame for current numerous economic problems facing Zambia-Mwaliteta

UPND Lusaka Province Chairperson, Obvious Mwaliteta says the PF should take the blame for the current numerous economic problems facing the country today and not maliciously blame it on HH and GBM.

Mr Mwaliteta said the PF should realise that Zambia is a country with a sincere and patriotic citizenry which deserve to be respected and not taken for granted.

“Zambians are sincere and very patriotic and its an insult for PF to think that they can be pushed and ordered what to do they way they do with their hired cadres. PF should not take Zambians for granted,” said Mwaliteta.

He said Patriotic Front governments’ failure to pay attention to people’s needs has contributed to so many issues affecting Zambians today.

He said the Patriotic Front need to know that food and land is security for the Zambian people and added that it is the duty of the UPND in opposition to provide checks and balances by speaking on behalf of the people.

Mr Mwaliteta has called on the PF to conduct a survey on why Zambians are protesting and stop the blame game as that further reduces its governance credentials.

“The fact is people are protesting because they are hungry, they need attention, they feel insecure, remember food and land is their security.It is not HH and GBM fighting PF but hunger, unemployment, high cost of living which the PF should resolve unlike wasting time on HH and GBM who have a vision to redeem the country and its people,”he added

He also warned the PF to stay away from its unwarranted attacks and schemes to create “false” charges against HH and GBM because that will not be tolerated by the Party and its supporters across the country.

Speaking when he featured on a programme dubbed “Unscripted” on Muvi TV last evening, the former Kafue lawmaker observed that the PF has become so obsessed with the UPND and its leadership thus accusing it for their wrongs.

“Look at the numerous unfinished projects under the PF regime such as the Katunda-to-Lukulu road and the Kaoma-to-Solwezi road! Look at the high levels of corruption in the country and the failure by the Government to address the challenge of meagre salaries for civil servants. Is it HH and GBM, the answer in NO,” said Mr Mwaliteta.

He said the UPND will utilise the countrys’ resources to create wealth and descent jobs for the ordinary citizenry and not those in government immediately it forms government.

Mr Mwaliteta said it is high time the PF called for early elections if they realised that the opposition had become “bigger” than them.

The UPND Lusaka strongman said the party and it’s leadership are not in charge of both the country and ZAFFICO whose alleged sale sparked riots in a number of townships on the Copper Belt.

He said the PF needed to clarify issues surrounding the alleged sell of ZAFICCO and not “keep lying to Zambians even when most of their lies were there for all to see”.

Source: Lusaka Times

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