Farmers urged to venture in Coffee growing

A Coffee Farmer in Mungwi district has appealed to farmers to venture into growing coffee if they are to derive benefits from the agriculture sector.

In an interview with ZANIS in Mungwi, Joseph Kayula, who is Farm Manager for Kansato Farms, said coffee farming is a lucrative sector which when promoted to the fullest can easily earn the country the much needed foreign exchange and help grow the agriculture industry.

He bemoaned the low number of farmers engaged in coffee production in the country, saying local entrepreneurs should take a leaf from some East African countries that are amassing huge revenues from their export of coffee on the international market.

Mr. Kayula said the production of coffee is a profitable undertaking as there is always ready market worldwide for the product especially in Europe where the price of the commodity sometimes even surpasses that of Copper.

He said the participation of many players in coffee production will help to revive the coffee industry in Zambia.

Mr. Kayula, however, said it is saddening that very few farmers have bothered to invest in growing coffee mainly due to the financial implications involved in the sector.

He appealed to government and other financial institutions to create an enabling environment by devising attractive conditions that will lure young entrepreneurs to obtain credit facilities that will enable them to undertake coffee farming.

Mr. Kayula said Northern Province has huge potential for coffee growing due to the region’s good rainfall, massive water bodies and favorable climatic conditions.

Source: Lusaka Times

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