Cabinet Approves Top Level Agric Centres

President Edgar Lungu shook off his United Nations jacket to walk straight into a cabinet meeting that addressed various national issues.

The meeting approved the establishment of the Agricultural Services and Training Centres in Luena and Manshya in Luapula and Muchinga provinces respectively.

It is a move that is in sync with the Seventh National Development Plan that places the agricultural sector at the centre of economic activities.

Government intends to jack up these centres through provision of farm production assets such as mechanisation, irrigation, value addition and storage facilities.

Cabinet further emphasized the need for farmers in the country to be engaged in high value crops so as to increase their incomes.

The meeting also approved the hosting of the International Development Association (IDA) 18 High Level Mid-Term Review Meeting.

Cabinet set up a roadmap that includes the setting up of preparatory committees at Permanent Secretary and Technical Officials levels to facilitate logistics for hosting of the meeting.

The IDA 18 High-Level Mid-Term Review Meeting is scheduled to take place in Livingstone from 13th to 15th November, 2018, following Zambia’s request to the World Bank Group to host the 2018 Meeting.  Zambia hence successfully competed with other countries and was approved to host this important meeting.

Further cabinet approved Zambia’s hosting of the 2019 East and Southern Africa Association of Accountants – General Annual Conference in February, 2019 in Livingstone, Southern Province.

Zambia last hosted such a Conference in 2009 and it is now its turn again to host it in 2019.

The common man would be looking to the approval of the National Legal Aid Policy that seeks to enhance the provision of legal aid services to the people.  The Policy provides a framework for broadening and increasing accessibility to legal assistance by the poor, while enhancing the capacity and accountability of legal aid service providers.

Source: Zambia Reports

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