Opposition Alliance Raise K1 Million from Fundraiser

The hazy alliance of opposition political parties have raised K1 million from its inaugural fundraiser held at Hotel Inter-Continental on Sunday.

According to chairperson of Finance and Media Sean Tembo, the opposition political parties have set a K100 million target for 2019.

The political parties have been toying with the idea of an alliance but may have to do better than previous associations that have crumbled at the leadership selection phase.

” As the opposition alliance, we believe that the decision by hoards of ordinary citizens to respond overwhelmingly to an alliance fundraiser, is testimony enough of how happy the majority of Zambians are regarding the decision of the 10 opposition political parties to come together and form this alliance”,  Tembo said.


He said that the support from ordinary citizens would spur the usually divided opposition to work together.

Tembo said the alliance would consolidate their efforts of unity and ensure that they fought fragmentation.

The attendance list put the participants at 486 with varying financial contributions realised.

Among the alliance members are the UPND, ADD, NDC, PeP, Labour Party, People’s Party, NAREP, PAC and Liberal Party.

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