Government Concerned Over Rise In Non-Communicable Diseases

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Obesity rates in children are rising several times faster than in the adult population in Zambia. This comes along with a rise in other diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. With our health care system already under immense pressure from malaria, HIV and maternal complications President Lungu took an opportunity today to remind Zambians that we must look after ourselves. The President was also joined by the First Lady who joined some of the demonstrations on exercise and health eating. 

President Lungu noted that non- communicable diseases are not only costly to treat but rob the nation of the most productive members of society largely at the Peak of their productivity.

He added that non- communicable diseases disproportionately affect the poor and disadvantaged populations in both rural and urban settings hence, the need for the whole nation to take particular care of the epidemic.

The Head of State was speaking in Lusaka today when he launched the 2018 National Health Week under the theme Health for All: Leaving No One Behind.

Meanwhile, World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative Nathan Bakyaita noted that commemoration of a national health week is important as it applies to everyone to redirect efforts and increase knowledge about disease prevention in order to promote good health.

Dr. Bakyaita said his organisation will continue to work with the Zambian government in promoting healthy surroundings where no one is left behind.

Speaking at the same event, Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo noted that his office is dedicated to promoting good health to all people in the province including those in per- urban areas in order for them to be productive and contribute to economic growth.

In order to prevent non-communicable diseases Zambia needs to move towards a healthier lifestyle, eating more fruit and vegetables, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol intake and trying to exercise when possible. 



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