UPND To Expel Chilanga Councillors Who Didn't Support Musonda


Opposition UPND councillors Arthur Moonde and Peter Mulubisha are on the verge of being expelled for rejecting the candidature of Charmaine Musonda ahead of the June 4 by-election.

Nakachenje Ward Councillor Arthur Moonde and Chinyanja Ward Councillor Peter Mulubisha have opposed Chairmaine’s candidature.

The duo held a press briefing denouncing party leadershing and declaring they will not campaign for the candidate saying they would not campaign for an “immoral” lawmaker.

“Having thoroughly consulted our people in our Wards and Chilanga district at large on the adoption of Musonda Charmaine Mel, we conclude that the UPND has erred on this adoption on very strong moral grounds,” councillor Moonde is quoted by Smart Eagles

“We were never consulted… We have thus resolved never to campaign for Charmaine – our people would never accept the UPND candidate and our conscience would never allow us.”

The statement by the councillors has not gone down well with the party leadership.

“Those guys are gone. We can’t tolerate that kind of indiscipline so there is a process being instituted but the fact is that they should consider themelves former UPND councillors,” the source said.

The expulsion of Moonde and Mulubisha will result in ward by-elections later in the year.

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