Musonda Files For Chilanga Seat, Despite Backlash

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UPND Elections Chairman Gary Nkombo says the UPND is ready to teach both the PF and the Electoral Commission of Zambia how to behave in an election.

And Chilanga parliamentary candidate Charmaine Musonda has demanded a free, fair and peaceful election and allow the people of Chilanga their democratic right to choose. 

Addressing hundreds of UPND members who witnessed the filling in at Chilanga Primary School, Mr Nkombo said there is a dire need for the ECZ to conduct a professional job unlike in the last 16 bye elections.

“We want to ask the ECZ to do a perfect job in this election.We don’t want what. happened in the last round of elections where the police was working with the PF and the ECZ was quiet.This time we want everyone to follow the electoral code”,he said.

He further added that the UPND was ready to mount a peaceful election free of violence provided the PF also follows the code.

“As the UPND we are ready this time to show the PF how to behave in an election.if they think we are joking let them dare us.This message goes to the ECZ and police as well.We are ready unlike the last bye elections”,Mr Nkombo said.

” If it means using a little bit of force to teach them how things are done,we are ready,”he added.

And the jubilant Charmaine Musonda accompanied by her family thanked the UPND leadership at all levels for the confidence shown in her and promised to return the favor.

She assured the membership that the chilanga seat will be delivered to the UPND as she calls for free and fair elections without any form of violence.

“I would love to thank my party President that even with the negative publicity in the social media,the UPND has retained it’s confidence in me and for that am ready to deliver,” She said.

“Am a competent Zambian who loves this country and will pray for the violence free nation,” Charmaine said before the speech was rudely interrupted by the police who asked the jubilant team to vacate the place as they were beyond their time.

The UPND have since moved to Musamba grounds where they are to hold the nomination rally.

Party President Hakainde Hichilema,his deputy Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba,Provincial Chairman Obvious Mwaliteta,Kapiri MP Stanley Kakubo,Chavuma MP Victor Lumayi,Moono Lubezyi Namwala,Brian Kambita,Zambezi East,Solwezi Central Stafford Mulusa,Chisamba MP,Chushi Kasanda and Patricia Mwashingwele of Katuba have joined the jubilant chilanga residents.

All the nine contestants have been given an opportunity to address the crowd at which they pledged their total support to the candidate and called for unity to ensure that the UPND retains the seat.

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