Zambia signs Russian nuclear deal

Zambia is to be turned into a testing ground for Russian nuclear science experiments under now plans released today by the Russian Centre for Nuclear Sciences and Technology. 

Whilst there is no doubt that Zambia desperately needs innovative technology to boost its struggling economy and low development skills, question must be asked however over the handling of this latest government programme when so few details have been public. Is this nuclear energy as safe as the claim it to be? The truth is few Zambians really know the answer to that question. 

Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa said the agreement signed by the two countries will translate into Zambia having cheaper energy, especially that the commodity is the backbone of every economy. There is no doubt that Zambia is desperately short of power supply at the moment, and the deal stands to bring much needed additional energy to the country. 

The agreement was signed by Ministry of Higher Education Permanent Secretary Mabvuto Sakala and Joint Stock Company State Specialised Design Institute Director General Vyacheslav Galushkov. We can only hope that the long term interests of Zambia have been protected in this deal, and that Zambians do not just become guinea pigs to the Russians. 



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