Pilato Returns To Prison With Food For His Fellow Inmates


Following bail Pilato did what most people merely play lip service to and went back to Kamwala remand prison to visit those he met whilst under arrest. 

The famous singer headed back to Kamwala in the company of his closest associates Tabuda and music promoter Blackson, to thank his friends inside with groceries to help them cope behind bars.

Pilato who lamented about how society treats prisoners said his gesture was humane and should be emulated by all.

Among the items Pilato delivered to his friends were sugar, tissue, cooking oil and bathing/washing soap.

Pilato was remanded in custody upon arrival from South Africa where he had fled following threats on his life.

The threats came after the poetic musician unleashed a song “Koswe Mumpoto”which talked about resource misuse by politicians.

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