Harry Kalaba's DP Presidency To Be Announced In August


Former foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba is set to be announced as Democratic Party leader in August.

DP interim spokesperson Judith Kabemba has announced that Kalaba was the party’s choice.

And the party has claimed that none of the existing political parties are playing their role of keeping those in power in check because they have dedicated their allegiance to individuals and not people that elected them in office.

Kabemba said the Democratic Party has come to change the status quo of politics in Zambia and those underrating it will be in for a rude shock by 2021.

She says political parties in Zambia have sold their allegiance and are failing to satisfy Zambians on their role and it is the reason Democratic Party has come on the scene to play a role that others have abandoned.

“Most of those that we trusted with responsibility of standing up for this country have decided to give their allegiance to individuals and not mother Zambia, lack of political will, high levels of thirsty for materialism and corruption amongst the current leadership is what has continued to deprive Zambians from accessing essential amnesties,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kabemba said the party is aware that Kalaba is still a serving Member of Parliament under the Patriotic Front and still hopeful that he will lead Democratic Party during the 2021 elections

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