Is Lungu Building A Secret Mansion In Swaziland

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The Kingdom of Eswatini is set to become a second home for Zambia President, Edgar Lungu. The President is allegedly set to build a mansion worth $3.6 million in the Nkonyeni area - in a case that is eerily similar to President Zuma's Nkandla scandal in which the Statesman used $23m of state money to build himself a luxury home. 

Despite the Zambian government alleging that the land was a ‘gift’, documents sourced from the Deeds Registry public information centre reveal that the area in question is one of around 90 plots which are under the ownership of Inyatsi Properties Limited.

Hearing of this news, political commentator Laura Miti wrote 'How can the President afford to build such a structure and in a foreign land? It can't be from his salary. How does he externalise the money? With empty reserves in the Bank of Zambia - is it right the President should be externalising millions to build a mansion in a foreign land?'

Indeed the question on everyones lips is just that - how can he afford such a lavish property abroad.  Records show that in 2015, President Lungu declared a meager K2.5 million, however one year into his Presidency in 2016 he declared K23 million worth of assets. A leap which cannot be accounted for by his 'formal' salary. 

This property raises serious questions over whether President Lungu is 'abusing power' and to what extent.

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