Nevers Mumba Shares Message On Labour Day


Celebrating Labour Day, Dr Nevers Mumba who recently received bail shared a message with his Facebook followers;

'Today I celebrate the gallant Zambian Worker from the Cleaner in the Hospital to the General Manager. I celebrate workers in the public service as well as in the private service, in the formal sector as well as in the informal sector, who together have continued to turn the wheels of our economy in order to achieve success. Sadly, they are doing so at a high price, as currently both the cost of living and the standard of life are out of control.

I celebrate the Zambian Worker for remaining peaceful in their pursuit for better working conditions and for having put their trust in the Zambian Labour Movement to continue bargaining on their behalf.

This great day is celebrated world wide to acknowledge the contribution of workers in the development agenda of society and the economy. It is also celebrated to acknowledge and recognise workers’ struggles and sufferings which go on to make our great nation a better place. On this day, the busy men and women who turn the wheels of our economy, take a short break to raise their voices so that we may know what challenges they face and what they propose to be done differently.

This great day is also observed and celebrated by the workers and common people the world over to recognize the accomplishments of the International Labour Movement in alleviating the conditions of labour all across the world.

The New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD), salutes the Zambian Worker and their Labour Movements. In doing so, we want to urge them to speak without fear. We want to urge them to speak with one voice, and we want to urge them to speak clearly. On the other hand, we ask the employer and the government to listen to the worker and translate what they hear into better conditions and wages.

We are concerned about Casualisation at the workplace by any employer. We are concerned about uncoordinated political pluralism of Trade Unions and we are calling for the respect of Workers Rights by all employers in this country and call upon the Labour Movement in Zambia not to be swayed in their push for unity and better working conditions for every worker in this nation.

We are also concerned at the lack of jobs, later on quality jobs for our people. The job market has remained consistently small and constricted for the longest time. We need to create jobs through industrialisation, innovation, arts and culture, tourism etc. It is a big concern to us that the few jobs that are available for our people are being snatched by the foreigner calling himself the investor.

The ministry of labour needs to get it's act together, be vigilant and sort out the mess going on in the job sector where so called investors are importing cheap labour into our market while our children continue to roam the streets even after college and university training. Where our people get jobs, they are paid slave wages. We are over 50 years as an independent country, we should do away with this slave mentality.

We stand for morality and integrity in the welfare of every Zambian Worker.'

Open Zambia