Socialist Party Denies Homosexual Links

In what has been seen by many as an attack on the Socialist Party but a jilted Wynter Kabimba, the Rainbow Party leader claimed on Tuesday that Fred M’membe and Dr Cosmas Musumali left the Rainbow Party to form the Socialist Party as they differed on sexual orientation and adherence to Christian values.

However, Cosmas Musumali, the party’s general secretary, said he and others did not give any reasons when they left the Rainbow Party and that the reasons given by Mr. Kabimba were untrue.

And Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo has said that government will institute an investigation into revelations that the Fred M’membe led Socialist Party is entertaining homosexuality which is against the Laws of Zambia.

Mr. Kampyongo said the issue of homosexuality in Zambia was not only a moral issue but the country’s laws do not allow such practices.

Same-sex relationships are illegal in Zambia, with those found guilty risking jail time of up to 14 years.

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