‘Allow Us To Appear In Court’ – Mike Mulongoti

New Labour Party Leader Fresher Siwale is believed to still be in police custody after being picked up by police on Tuesday. Siwale was taken in for questioning over claims he had made along with People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti concerning the identity and nationality of President Edgar Lungu.

Reports on Tuesday recounted how armed police went to raid Mulongoti’s offices for the National Registration Card (NRC) the two had been referring to, however Mulongoti was not there and the officers moved on to Siwale’s house. It is not clear if he has yet been charged.

Commenting on his detention Mulongoti has since stated: “We have been waiting for this. We would just like the police to quickly go ahead and charge Mr Siwale and myself if they have anything against us and allow us to appear in court where all the evidence we have will be presented.”

Open Zambia