Kambwili Calls on Lungu to ‘Leave my family out of this’

Yesterday MP for Roan Chishimba Kambwili accompanied his son Mwamba to an Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) summons at Woodlands Police Station. Mwamba was questioned and charged with two counts of possessing property suspected to be the proceeds of crime and was shortly thereafter released on bond. Mwamba is scheduled to appear in court on 24th May.

Following the incident Kambwili has described the incident as an example of ‘political persecution’, appealing to President Lungu to leave their families out of any disagreement there is between them.

“It is surprising now that when you send your son to go to the bank to deposit money in your account, it becomes a crime. This is political persecution. They are trying to intimidate me but I cannot be intimidated. The only thing I can appeal to Lungu; leave my family out of this. Let you Lungu and I, fight but leave my children out of it because you also (have) got children. I am ready for you but please leave my family out of this, because this is a lot of nonsense,” the former PF  minister of information told journalists.

Chishimba Kambwili is also expected to return to court soon to answer to similar charges on 34 counts. He has denied all charges and the trial is set to begin on June 4th.

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