Mulongoti’s Offices Raided By Police

In the latest development regarding allegations that have surfaced regarding the nationality of the President, People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti’s offices in Kabulonga, Lusaka, were yesterday raided by armed police officers in riot gear.

While Mulongoti was absent during the time of the raid, police subsequently detained New Labour Party President Fresher Siwale who was taken in for questioning regarding claims made by himself and Mulongoti that they have evidence relating to the question of the president’s nationality.

Commenting on events Mulongoti claimed: “We are not shaken, its them who are shaken. Why should they come to my office to look for Mr. Lungu’s NRC as if I am his guardian? I don’t keep Mr. Lungu’s NRC, he knows where his NRC is.”

Siwale is yet to produce the evidence he claims to have to support his theory, but instead has challenged those who can confirm the president’s identity to swear an affidavit.

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