Zambia Police Raise K 10 Million In Traffic Fines - So Why Are Our Roads So Bad?

The Zambia police service spokeswoman has released a statement outlining it raised K10,176,530 in Admission of Guilt fines during the first quarter of 2018.

Last year, the police service raised K10,265,250 from Admission of Guilt fines in the same period last year.

And police in the same period under review recorded 396 deaths from road traffic accidents compared to 480 deaths recorded in the first quarter of 2017

However this begs the question - where does this money go? Many of our roads in Zambia are still falling apart and fall well below international standards. With the service recording 3,503 total numbers of casualties in the same period under review, more must be done to ensure our roads our safer - this money should be going directly back into road safety and not line the pockets of crooked policemen or politicians. 

Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of accidents with 3,822 accidents with 106 deaths, followed by Copperbelt with 1,199 accidents with 89 deaths while Central ranked third with 460 accidents with 43 deaths.

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