PF MPs Must Pay Back Illegal Salaries Or Face Jail


Tensions continue to grow over outstanding payments from PF MPs during the 2016 parliamentary recess.

In an interview this weekend, former Nkana MP and Deputy Agriculture and Livestock minister stated that those PF MP’s responsible should pay back the money or be prepared to spend sleepless nights in police cells.

In November last year, the Constitutional Court maintained that the 64 ministers who stayed in office after Parliament was dissolved in 2016 must pay back the money they were receiving during the period they illegally occupied their positions.

In this matter, LAZ and the UPND sued former justice minister Ngosa Simbyakula and 63 others for illegally serving in the government after Parliament was dissolved.

The Constitutional Court, on August 8, 2016, three days before the general elections, ordered ministers to pay back and vacate their positions immediately.

The Patriotic Front has appealed.

And Kazabu has since urged more Zambians to stand-up and demand that the money be paid back.

“I will continue insisting that the 64 ministers who served in the then PF government must pay back the money because this is a lot of money that can make a difference in service delivery in certain sectors which need attention, such as health and education. The ministers and now former ministers must pay back or be prepared to go to spend sleepiness nights in police cells and subsequently jail,”
Kazabu warned.

He added that there was need for a countrywide advocacy to force the ministers and ex-ministers who remained in office prior to the August
2016 general elections to pay back the money.

“We need the church, the youths, the women and all civil society organisations to speak out on the need for the money to be paid back,” said Kazabu.

“I further demand that the nation be told how much the 64 ministers ordered to pay back the money actually are supposed to pay back. The Secretary to the Treasury can make calculations for us to know the figures involved.”

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