Stephen Kampyongo has directed police to investigate socialist party homosexuality links


Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo has directed police to take keen interest in allegations made by Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba that the Socialist Party is being funded by donors who promote homosexuality.

Mr Kampyongo said in an interview yesterday that there is no way Mr Kabimba, a seasoned lawyer, can make wild allegations when he knows the consequences of telling lies about other people or organisations.

“Police should take keen interest in this matter. They should follow it up. Do not ignore Wynter Kabimba,” he said

Meanwhile, Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba has said that some people are trying to use his statement about the Socialist Party getting funding from homosexuals to get to its leader Dr Fred M’membe.

Disputing a media reports that Socialist 2021 Presidential Candidate Fred M’membe had proposed love to him in 2013, Mr Kabimba described the story as fake news and not true , adding that if it were true, he would have said it on a public forum the same way he did when he explained what he knew about who was funding the Socialist Party.

He stated: “There are people that want to get at Fred using my statement that’s why after they write that portion of the statement, they go back to my statement on radio to try and justify that statement. But if you look at the two statements correctly, they don’t even tally. If that were true, I would have said it on that public platform when I was on radio. I would have said it very clearly to afford the person that I am talking about or that I am talking against, an opportunity to respond. That’s the way I have done things in life. So the story is a total fabrication, it is mischievous, it is malicious and there is just no truth to it. There is nobody that I spoke to on that story which is attributed to me is talking about, nobody,” said Kabimba.

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