UNDP Report Confirms Unfair Use of POA and Use Of Excessive Violence By Cadres


A report collated by the UNDP on Zambia’s 2016 elections has concluded that the electoral process was compromised by the ‘militarization’ of political party cadres. The study clearly established that political leaders used party cadres to cause violence during party conventions or political rallies.


The UN backed report continued that hate speech, the ferrying of cadres during the elections and a selective application of the Public Order Act by the ruling party were direct triggers for conflict during Zambia and undermined the result.


The report confirmed that In most cases recorded the POA was unfairly used to cancel opposition rallies that had been lawfully scheduled. The report cites July 8th in Lusaka as an example where the violent cancellation of the UPND campaign led to the death of innocent Mapenzi Chibulo.

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