UPND Boycott Women's Day Celebrations


UPND Copperbelt chairlady Lilian Michelo has said the opposition political party will not take party in the International Women’s Day Commemorations on grounds that the ruling party was suppressing the opposition.

Michelo says women have continued facing serious attacks especially those belonging to opposition political parties.

She said on several occasions during such activities, women from opposition political parties continue to be harassed without any action from law enforcers.

“We will take the theme as it is yes but as UPND we will not participate in any commemorations, we will meet at our Secretariat to pray because we don’t see it fit to participate in such,” she said.

Michelo of opposition political party women officials have suffered all manner of violence and yet no arrests were made to address such situations.

She said women in rural areas have been denied opportunities to benefit from empowerment programs only because they belong to opposition political parties.

“We have had situations were our women are undressed in public. I think that is not right and based on such brutality, we will not take part as UPND,” she added.

Zambia joins the rest of the World to commemorate International Women’s Day.

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