Siliya Denies PF Are Taxing People Unfairly


Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya says it is not the intention of Government to tax its citizens unnecessarily.

Ms. Siliya, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, vehemently denied that government has introduced taxes which are not in favour of the Zambian people.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Ms. Siliya explained that Government has resolved to apply the current taxes to balance with the performance and growth of the economy.

“It’s not the intention of government to tax its citizenry unnecessarily through taxes. The nation might wish to know that taxes enhance economic growth and shapes direction in terms of performance, taxes are meant for betterment of the Zambian people,” Ms. Siliya said.

The Minister boasts that the taxes have brought prosperity to the nation and investor confidence through the participation of both local and foreign investments.

Ms. Siliya said taxes have played a role in the diversification of Zambia’s economy.

She denied allegations levelled against government that it has introduced more taxes contrary to the PF party manifesto empowering the Zambian people with favourable taxes.

The Chief Government Spokesperson said Zambia’s economy is growing at three instead of the projected seven percent attributing this as due to ‘thick’ period the country encountered when it held the two presidential polls in a series in 2015 and 2016 that heavily constrained monies of the State treasury.

Ms. Siliya, a veteran broadcaster challenged journalists in the country to rise to the occasion and help put public perception in good taste.

The Minister urged the media in the country to regulate itself as opposed to creating a vacuum for the State to intervene.

Ms. Siliya, who earlier had a meeting with media heads reaffirmed government’s continued commitment in developing a media industry that will contribute to social and economic development.

Meanwhile, Ms. Siliya has disclosed that government has appointed the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) to be shareholders of the embattled Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail which are ‘highly’ indebted and failing to pay salaries to their employees.

The Minister said Government is not sitting idle by engaged the media institutions on various ambitious interventions aimed at arresting the situation but no time frame given.

In a related development, Ms. Siliya has strongly condemned the riotous behavior of students at Evelyn Hone College over examination results.

She commended the police for caging 300 students as investigations continues and advised the students against breaking public resources.

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