Calls For CBU Chancellor To Quit Increase


The National Quality for Education of Zambia (NAQEZ) Executive Director Aaron Chansa has challenged Copperbelt University Vice Chancellor Prof. Naison Ngoma to resign on moral grounds following numerous concerns raised by unionised Workers.

And Chansa has advised Higher Education Minister Prof. Nkandu Luo to put aside her personal differences with lecturers at the Copperbelt University and listen to their genuine concerns.

Chansa said it is very immoral for Prof. Ngoma to continue remaining in office with all the issues being raised against his manner of administration.

He said Prof. Ngoma has been holding the University to ransom against thousands students and hundreds of lecturers whose interest is to see the University perform better.

“If you remember when Dr Kaingu was minister of higher education we still had these issues now its under Prof. Nkandu Luo, as an organisation we feel that maybe its night Prof. Ngoma considered stepping down on moral grounds, him clinging on to that office is not helping the University to grow, the lecturers may have genuine concerns” Mr Chansa said.

He added that the Copperbelt university has suffered administratively with Prof. Ngoma at the helm hence the need for him to consider taking a break.

Chansa has further appealed to Prof. Nkandu Luo to sit down with the lecturers and understand their concerns by first putting aside their personal differences.

“We feel that at this point in time, Prof. Nkandu Luo should hear the lecturers, not all issues being raised could be useless but may help to improve the performance of the University.

Last week, Unionised Workers at the Copperbelt University maintained that no amount of intimidation will force them to abandon their call for Prof. Naison Ngoma to resign from his position for alleged failure to manage the university.

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