Opposition Condemn Kabila’s State Visit


Leader of the opposition in Parliament Jack Mwiimbu has charged that it is shameful President Edgar Lungu hosted Congolese leader Joseph Kabila in Lusaka.

Mr Mwiimbu who is also UPND Monze Central Member of Parliament also charged that it was disgraceful for President Lungu to state that the international community should not interfere with the happenings in the DRC not least due to the fact Kabila is described as a butcher of Congo and should have stepped down back in 2016.

Mr Mwiimbu said Mr. Kabila is an illegitimate dictator who should not be supported by any sane person.

“It’s a shame that Lungu is wining and dining with the butcher of Congo. Millions of Congolese have died as a result of the impunity African dictators and their lumpen Congolese sycophants. Any birds of the same feathers flock together,” he said.

And political activist Macdonald Chipenzi has charged that welcoming President Kabila is a display of weak leadership in the SADC region.

Mr Chipenzi said the SADC region will continue to be a laughing stock on the African Continent, if not the entire world, from a soft coup in Zimbabwe, to a presidential recall vote by a political party in South Africa and now to an unconstitutional President in DRC.

“How, in all fairness, can Zambia be that country that welcomes and accommodates Joseph Kabila with presidential decorum? He does not deserve such treatment at all. These are the times when I greatly miss late President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. For him, he would have already spoken his minds out and that of Zambia on Kabila’s unconstitutional stay in power like he did on Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe,” Mr Chipenzi said.

“Don’t President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his government aware that Kabila’s constitutional electoral mandate ended in 2016 and his current stay in power is unconstitutional as he is refusing to vacate office despite repeated demands from his people? Does it mean that Zambia’s cries over the refugee situation are bogus or cosmetic? One would think, with the facts on the ground that Zambia has greatly suffered in terms of asylum seekers and refugees over Kabila’s decision to cling onto power even after his electoral constitutional mandate expired in 2016, the country would be more firm on Kabila to relinquish power.”

Mr Chipenzi stated that it seems that Zambian leaders are benefiting from the situation prevailing in the DRC hence their accommodation of such unconstitutional president into the country at the same time claiming to be a constitutional democracy without any kind of social shame.

“Not too long ago, this government, through Cde Steven Kampyongo, was shedding crocodile tears in Chienge District over the asylum seekers and refugee situation in Luapula Province. He and President Lungu even appealed for international help from the international community towards the refugee crisis in the country but at the same time having no problems in accommodating Kabila as a friend. Was that appeal of financial help a fundraising project for them if they are not interested in resolving the electoral and political crisis in the DRC?”

He added, “Yet, despite deputizing the SADC organ on Politics, Defence and Security known as the Troika, the same government seems to be so happy to strengthen trade and other bilateral ties with this electoral leper in the region notwithstanding the butchering of his people happening in his country while he clings onto power. In serious democracies, Kabila would have suffered isolation, economic and travel sanctions within the SADC region and on the African Continent. He would not have been allowed to attend SADC or AU functions.”

Mr Chipenzi charged that it is disheartening to see how SADC has remained tolerant to Mr. Kabila and yet millions of Congolese women and children are suffering while their fathers are butchered in war as soldiers or militias.

Open Zambia