Zambian Fashion Designer Taking The World By Storm


Zambian fashion designer Kapasa Musonda, 28, is one of Africa's rising talents.

In fact, one of her designs was recently worn by the Hollywood actress Angela Bassett who's currently gracing the screens in the film Black Panther.

In an interview with the BBC, Musonda tells of her dream to be a fashion designer starting back in sixth grade. She went onto to study fashion abroad and in 2012 she came back from Los Angeles to Zambia.

When asked where her success came from, Musonda said 'I'm lucky that I can actually sew, cut and make patterns, so I can pass on these skills. When I started out I couldn't afford a tailor, I worked by myself for two years, until I was actually able to build a team and grow a team which is what you see now.'

She employs a number of Zambians now and likes to run her business like a family, at her offices there's plenty of cooking and good food, Musonda stated 'One thing I know is that sewing you get hungry, you need to be motivated and I like to have everybody in good spirits, happy and healthy. 

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