Zodwa Wabantu Confirms She's Coming To Zambia



The controversial dancer Zodwa Wabantu has rubbished claims she’s been banned from performing in Zambia this weekend. She said she has a contract to perform and that she will be dancing on stage at Hollywood City Nightclub without any underwear.

Zodwa has dominated headlines in Zambia after National Guidance and Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili stated that Zodwa was not welcome in the country accusing her of promoting immorality with her raunchy dances.

But Zodwa insists that she has agreed to perform in Zambia this weekend and that she has always been paid R35, 000 booking fee in full.  Zodwa told South African publication TshisaLIVE that nothing would stop her from performing in the country and slammed “hypocrites” who had labelled her “unchristian.”

“I have signed all the paperwork and I am flying out later this week to perform there. I think that people are just trying to sabotage me and the event. The underwear thing is my choice and I don’t understand why people are so upset. There are Christians who do much worse things behind closed doors.”

She said that authorities were hoping to pray for her and cast out her “demons” while she was in the country.

“I will never wear a panty. I won’t change who I am for them. Maybe they think they will pray for me or make me better. I survived 2017 and I will survive this year. They can go and f*ck off if they have a problem with it.”

The reports come only months after Zodwa was reportedly banned from performing in Lesotho.

She also cancelled shows in Zimbabwe after an outcry over her scheduled shows in the country, citing security fears.

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