Government Plans To Introduce Laws To Reduce Drinking


The government has announced that it plans to bring forward an Alcohol Bill to parliament as a control measure against the increased levels of alcohol consumption in the country. Religious Affairs and Guidance Minister Godfredah Sumaili says once enacted the bill will regulate alcohol consumption in the country especially amongst youths. There have been increasing levels of alcohol related violence amongst the youths, often directed towards their partners or girlfriends.

The Minister stated: “Excessive beer drinking among youths in the country has reached is alarming hence coming up with a piece of legislation to regulate drinking, “ Reverend Sumaili said.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, the Minister said Government is greatly concerned about the abuse of alcohol by young people in Zambia.

“Alcohol abuse is unproductive at home and the nation at large. Therefore, Government is contemplating coming up with a legislation to regulate this vice among youths,” she said.

She said alcohol is unproductive and not only does it devastates homes but negatively retards national development.

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