TAZARA In Financial Trouble

The Tanzania-Zambia Railway has run into financial troubles. Deputy Managing Director Betram Kiswaga saying the company needs an additional US$250 million. He has argued that the railway firm is finding it challenging to operate effectively with inadequate finances.

There have been a number of questions raised over the project, most recently Minister Richard Musukwa has challenged TAZARA to ensure it is ready to implement government’s directive to move heavy cargo from roads to railway. He continued that the government has held up their end of the bargain and provided an environment to support the growth of a railway system in Zambia and will not accept excuses for less than effective operations.

Troubles are likely to continue however as it was revealed TAZARA is struggling to keep its skilled labour force, losing them to retirement or other companies offering better conditions. Kiswaga maintains if they are granted the extra money these problems can be resolved.


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