Miners Made Redundant at Baluba Are Promised New Jobs


Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda has assured ex-miners who were sent on forced leave when Baluba mine closed in 2015, that all of them will be re-employed.

Speaking today on YAR FM radio programme dubbed ‘Social Charter’, Mr Chanda said all the miners who were put on forced leave and never resigned will all be recalled.

Some of the miners will be employed by Baluba mine itself , while others will be employed by China JCHX, the new mine contractor .

The contractor will ensure that priority is given to Luanshya residents except for specialized jobs that need expertise labour, he said.

The Luanshya Mayor stated that over 700 miners will be employed by the contractor adding that the contractor was currently recruiting miners.

Over 1,000 miners, who were sent on forced leave after Baluba mine was closed in 2015 in Luanshya fear that they might not be re-called following the announcement of the re-opening of the mine in Luanshya soon.

CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines has announced that in partnership with China JCHX will re-open Baluba mine this year .

The Mine management has promised to give priority to miners that were sent on forced leave in 2015.

But some ex-miners have complained that China JCHX is currently advertising for job vacancies and engaging individuals who are not ex-miners to attend interviews.

The ex-miners have since appealed to government and the unions in the mining sector to intervene and ensure that all the ex-miners are re-called.

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