Tuesday 20th February 2018

Zambian Vets Save Elephant Calf and Mother

Villagers were alerted to the baby elephants plight after hearing the mother’s cries and called rescue workers to the scene. Vets arrived the following day to find both animals very distressed, having been struggling at the pit all night.

They were forced to immobilize the anxious mum as they rescued her calf from a man-made pit in South Luangwa National Park because she was so agitated.

Once the calf had been lifted to safety he ran over to his mother and clung on to her ear with her trunk until she could be revived.

Rachel McRobb, CEO and co-founder of CSL said: ‘Once the mum was down, the baby was small enough we could just lift her out of the pit and carry her about 30 metres back to mum.’

As vets were administering drugs to bring the mother around, the calf walked up alongside them and place a tender trunk on her mother’s ear.

Rachel added: ‘She got a bit defensive for a minute when we put her down and then decided our vet was helping and wouldn’t leave him alone.

‘The baby did not mind Dr Sichande administering the antidote in his presence and ended up getting in the way trying to help.

‘We reversed the mum with the antidote and as soon as she started to get up the baby suckled immediately.

‘She must have been really hungry from all night in the pit. Everyone then happily wandered off.’

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