Wednesday 21st February 2018

UTH Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins

University Teaching Hospital has said that the condition of the twins who were separated yesterday is stable. University Teaching Hospital Public Relations Officer Natalie Mashikolo said that the twins who were separated yesterday by a team of doctors at the university teaching hospital are recovering.

Ms. Mashikolo said that the twins; Bupe and Mapalo are currently admitted to main intensive care unit. She said that their condition is closely being monitored by doctors and that the public will be informed on their progress.

Meanwhile, Vice President Inonge Wina has expressed delight at the successful operation of the Siamese twins, Bupe and Mapalo by Zambian doctors at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Yesterday.

The Vice President noted that the joy is shared not only by the parents but all Zambians and extended families because it is a sign of confidence that government’s investment in human resource development of medical doctors, nurses and support staff including the country-wide construction of healthcare delivery infrastructures such as hospitals and clinics is now paying dividends to the nation.

Ms. Wina added that this is so because the capacity to successfully undertake such operations is saving the country millions of Kwacha compared to performing the same exercise abroad.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Permanent Secretary for Administration at Cabinet, Stephen Mwansa, the Vice President further stated that the restructuring of the UTH early last year into specialized hospitals such as the hospital for newborn babies and women is to place special focus on saving lives in the best way possible which is proving to be a successful model.

She indicated that as a mother and parent herself, she can feel the joy in the hearts of the parents to Bupe and Mapalo in that their patience and hope in government’s healthcare system irrespective of the complications that arose out of the birth has paid off.

The Vice President stated that, as the recuperation for the twins is being waited, the operation proves the fact that a child is priceless, despite the deformities that come along.

She said in Lozi, the name Munukayumbwa is given to a child in such situations in order to strengthen parents that even with any form of deformity or complication, a child remains a priceless gift from God and hence, cannot be thrown away.

The Vice President has since congratulated the Ministry of Health management and staff at UTH for the concerted efforts and wonderful works being undertaken even under challenging conditions given and the limited resources to operate at optimum levels.

Ms. Wina also stated that Zambians can be the best in the world if they believed in themselves as the team that operated the twins did, which has now made them a medical asset not just to Zambia but to the rest of the world.

She further noted that the achievements by the Zambian medical personnel and other experts bring pride to the nation and has put Zambia on the world map as a place where top quality healthcare delivery is guaranteed.

Ms. Wina further indicated that she is proud that complicated surgical operations such as the separation of Siamese twins gives more confidence to the public that hospitals in Zambia are the first point of call for all citizens because the country has what it takes to become a Centre of excellence for quality and cost-effective healthcare delivery in the region.

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