Monday 19th February 2018

UPND Asks NDC To Form Alliance Ahead of 2021 Elections

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has asked the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to form an alliance now and together fight the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

In an interview with the Daily Nation, UPND deputy secretary general, Patrick Mucheleka invited the NDC to join forces with UPND, in order to fight the PF as a united front. Mr Mucheleka said that together, the opposition NDC and UPND had a higher chance of conquering the ruling party.

“Umunwe umo tausale nda (one finger cannot pick lice from one’s hair). Sometimes it requires concerted efforts of partners coming together on one common agenda, fighting PF. If it means joining forces with NDC, we are ready.

“An alliance formed in the opposition can be formidable, not waiting for UPND to form a government then you come. Let’s form a genuine alliance so that we stop what PF is doing,” he said.

When asked whether it was a formal invitation to other opposition political parties, Mr Mucheleka said that like minds, including NDC should come forth and form an alliance. Mr Mucheleka pointed out that even the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) had to form an alliance with the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) to form a government.

He reiterated that UPND was also looking for genuine alliances with like minds in order to fight, what he termed ‘bad governance’ by the ruling party.

“UPND and NDC can come together and fight PF bad governance, we can do that without any shame,” said Mr Mucheleka.

Meanwhile, NDC spokesperson, Eric Chanda told the Daily Nation that he had to consult the bosses on the party position with regards the UPND invitation for an alliance.

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