Sunday 18th February 2018

Rift Continues To Grow Between Kambwili and PF, Mwila Accuses Him Of Sabotage

The opposition NDC says its political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili has never at any point sent proxies to try and seek reconciliation with President Edgar Lungu.

The NDC has since dismissed reports that Mr. Kambwili has been using proxies to try and seek reconciliation with President Edgar Lungu.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge said the reports attributed to PF Secretary General Davies Mwila at a public meeting in Kapiri Mposhi district are false and should be parried.

Mr. Musenge said at no point has Mr. Kambwili used the clergy nor the traditional leadership to try and dialogue with Mr. Lungu.

“In the first place, Mr. Kambwili is allergic to the corruption associated with the governing party and his words should not be minced. Mr. Kambwili cannot sink so low to betray the aspirations of the people of Zambia by backtracking and getting into a marriage of inconvenience with a political party that has lost popularity and credibility,” Mr Musenge said.

He said Mr. Kambwili is currently preoccupied with giving guidance and counsel to the NDC, a party he said is growing at the supersonic spread.

“The NDC, therefore, wishes to advise the Pf not to bring the name of Dr Kambwili into disdain by making unpopular, ill-timed and unsubstantiated grains of misinformation,” he said.

“Mr. Kambwili is currently preoccupied with ensuring that the NDC remains a party of the first choice and see the grouping transform from a mass movement into a vanguard party that will form Government in 2021.”

“Therefore, the PF Secretary General should keep his lane and tell the people of Zambia why president Edgar Lungu is failing to fight corruption, poverty and social injustice. Mr. Mwila should also explain how Lungu and his minions have suddenly become rich overnight using illicit resources.”

He added, “NDC is currently enjoying massive support from all corners of the country including the foreign front. Mr. Kambwili, therefore, has nothing to do with lies being peddled by the Pf centering on reconciliation.

Yesterday, according to PF media team, Embattled expelled Roan Member of Parliament, Chishimba Kambwili has been sending emissaries to President Edgar Lungu asking the President to forgive him and allow him back in the Patriotic Front. This came to light in Kapiri Mposhi, when PF Secretary General, Hon Davies Mwila officially launched the PF’s mobilization exercise for Central Province.

Mr. Mwila revealed that Mr Kambwili has been going to some named priests and chiefs begging them to plead with President Edgar Lungu to reinstate him back in the Patriotic Front.

“I want to tell all those in NDC that Chishimba Kambwili whom they think is their leader has actually been sending emissaries to President Edgar Lungu pleading for forgiveness from the President. He has been begging the President to forgive him and to reinstate him back in the party. This has been going on for some time now, it’s just that unlike him, we are mature enough so we couldn’t expose him but he is unrepentant that is why I have decided to expose him today. So all you members of NDC who are following Kambwili you will soon find outside as orphans with no leader,” Hon Mwila said adding that as a Party, the PF will only forgive Mr Kambwili only if he climbs and apologise from the ant hill, in the same manner, that he has been insulting the President.

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