Tuesday 20th February 2018

HH Outraged At Lungu’s Plans To Sell NRDC and Chichele To The Chinese

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has directed the Party National Chairman Mutale Nalumango to immediately write to Agriculture and Tourism Permanent Secretaries Julius Shawa and Liya Mutale respectively to stop the sale of NRDC and Chichele lodge or face personal legal consequences.

Addressing the media at the party secretariat on Wednesday, Mr. Hichilema said the insatiable appetite for corruption and illegalities by the PF has reached alarming levels which needed to be curtailed.

Mr. Hichilema said there is a need for the country to rise and protect its abundant natural resources from the PF appetite for personal enrichment adding that there is a need for the UPND to take stock of all natural resources on behalf of Zambians.

Prime land of College and Agricultural lands have been sold to Avic international. Avic International is the same Chinese company that is constructing mansions for Lungu in exchange for government tenders. It is rumored they will be turning the land into yet another shopping mall.

HH has said that the PF’s intention to sell off the country’s historical and natural resources would disadvantage the UPND when it forms a government as the country would be in disarray hence his directive to the party secretariat to immediately write to the Ministries of Tourism and Agriculture to stop the rot.

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